Why VPS Hosting is the Perfect Choice for Startups


Till around a decade ago, most start-ups would have to consider investing in a physical web server and/or infrastructure. This was the time when the hosting industry offered limited options and many people were yet to realize the power of online visibility. In the current market, there are several hosting options available to startups like Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, etc. In this article, we will talk about VPS Hosting and look at the reasons why it is a perfect choice for startups.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

Think of a powerful web server with 64GB RAM and a huge processor. Now, let’s say that we divide this server into 32 virtual machines. Each machine has 2 GB RAM and an equal portion of the processor and other resources. This is a virtual server.

The VPS Hosting Provider divides a physical web server into several virtual servers as explained above and hosts your website on one such virtual server. Also, each virtual server is isolated from the other and allows complete root access which enables you to customize the hosting environment as per the requirements of your website.

Why VPS Hosting is best for Startups?

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More than 2.2 billion social network users worldwide! Whoops! This is amazing; almost every third person on earth is a social media user. Given this stats one can easily guess the need and power of being professionally present on social media to market your products and services. It is a platform that helps companies to strategically influence their target audience to convince them to buy their product and service or change their preferences or maneuver their decision making on any subject. Social Media is an addiction that has enthralled the world and taken everyone for a ride. Web design agencies know it very well and also know how to present themselves and their clients to the end users for better response.

Social Media Marketing is a process that needs a plan and strategy according to the target audience behavior and choices. The web design agency uses database and filters that database according to viewers and users. The articulated fact states that every social media user has a particular preference on the things that he watches and likes. The agency knows human psychology very well, which helps it to draft and create web posts with acute precision.

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Viral Video Review-Guide To Viralize Your Video in Two Minutes

Most people have often said that word-of-mouth is the best advertisement for anything. If you believe about how gossip vacation, you can understand the technique of Viral Marketing. News travels best by people telling the other what is happening. If the story is good and evil, most people will discover something by hearing it from most people. If you have a superb product and are pumped up about it, you can start a wildfire of information moving along the Internet in an unchecked and beneficial way.

The whole strategy of Web marketing is to bring visitors to your product through the data you place out from the internet. The more links you may have fed back to your website, the more sales you’ll have. Viral Marketing is the process of beginning to unfold information and allowing the spreading to multiply on an ongoing basis. The whole key is that you have a good product and have entirely begun putting the info out. Once you put excellent content and information out using the web, others will pick it up and often will share it with many others, linking back to most people. They will, in change, share the information using others. … Read More

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