Why VPS Hosting is the Perfect Choice for Startups


Till around a decade ago, most start-ups would have to consider investing in a physical web server and/or infrastructure. This was the time when the hosting industry offered limited options and many people were yet to realize the power of online visibility. In the current market, there are several hosting options available to startups like Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, etc. In this article, we will talk about VPS Hosting and look at the reasons why it is a perfect choice for startups.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

Think of a powerful web server with 64GB RAM and a huge processor. Now, let’s say that we divide this server into 32 virtual machines. Each machine has 2 GB RAM and an equal portion of the processor and other resources. This is a virtual server.

The VPS Hosting Provider divides a physical web server into several virtual servers as explained above and hosts your website on one such virtual server. Also, each virtual server is isolated from the other and allows complete root access which enables you to customize the hosting environment as per the requirements of your website.

Why VPS Hosting is best for Startups?

Here are some benefits of VPS Hosting which make it a perfect choice for startups.

1. Your Hosting plan grows with YOU

The primary reason behind many startups opting for VPS Hosting plans is that they allow the business to grow and thrive without having to worry about changing their hosting plan. As a startup, once you get your footing in the market, you start targeting growth. Over time, you start attracting more people to your website and might also decide to include new products and/or services. Therefore, you need a hosting plan which can grow with your business and accommodate the increasing demands on server resources. After all, you wouldn’t want your customers to experience a slow or unresponsive site when you are just starting up, right?

2. Stability and Speed

Dedicated Hosting plans offer good speed and stability. However, they are costly and when you are running a startup, the cost is a big factor. VPS Hosting proves to be a smaller version of Dedicated Hosting. At comparatively lower costs, VPS Hosting services offer great speed as well as stability to your website. Even during peak hours, you can expect the server to work optimally since it is isolated from the other virtual servers on the physical machine.

3. Customizability

In today’s market, innovation is the key to success. Users expect new businesses to be innovative and creative. VPS Hosting services offer complete root access which allows you to customize the hosting environment as you want. You can also install and configure different software to offer a unique experience to your site visitors.

Summing Up

While a hosting type should be selected based on the requirements of your business and website, for most startups, VPS Hosting plans are a perfect fit. Remember to research well and talk to different providers before buying a hosting plan. Good Luck!